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Axe / Kidnapped Coed (Blu Ray & OST CD) ()
Rating: 18
Director: Frederick R. Friedel
Leslie Lee
Jack Canon
Ray Green
Jack Canon
Leslie Rivers
Gladys Lavitan
Country: USA

Label: Severin

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Price: £25.00

Brief Synopsis/Write-up:

Axe (1975) 67 mins
Kidnapped Coed (1976) 75 mins

In the mid-1970s, writer/producer/director/actor Frederick R. Friedel went to North Carolina to film a pair of enigmatic yet startling low-budget thrillers – AXE and KIDNAPPED CO-ED – only to see them both presumed lost to shady dealings, sudden tragedies, moral outrage and drive-in oblivion. In AXE, depraved killers on the run hold a young woman and her invalid grandfather hostage in an isolated farmhouse. In KIDNAPPED CO-ED, the teenage daughter of a wealthy family forms a perverse relationship with her abductor. Once thought doomed to drive-in obscurity, fans and grindhouse historians have begun to compare Freidel’s films to those of David Lynch and Terrence Malick, and now the complete story behind this strange journey can finally be told. Severin Films is proud to present both features restored from their original negatives, plus BLOODY BROTHERS, Friedel's recut of the two features as one twisted crime epic called BLOODY BROTHERS, and loaded with exclusive Bonus Features that reveal the startling saga behind the casts, crews, disastrous fate and surprising rediscovery of these nearly forgotten grindhouse/arthouse classics – the ultimate look at one of the most fascinating sagas in indie exploitation history!




Format: Blu-Ray
Region/TV Standard: Region 0 / NTSC
Language: English, German (only on Axe and Kidnapped Coed)
Subtitles: None
Running Time:
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1
Case Type: Standard

Extra Features:
DISC ONE (Blu-ray)

"Bloody Brothers" feature recut of both films with introduction by wirter/director Frederick R. Friedel (89:11 with introduction; 87:32 feature-only)

AXE & KIDNAPPED COED - Audio Commentaries with Writer/Director Frederick R. Friedel, Production Manager Philip Smoot, Makeup Artist Worth Keeter
"At Last... Total Terror: The Amazing True Story of the Making of Axe and Kidnapped Coed (61:40)
"Moose Magic: The George Newman Shaw & John Wilhelm Story" (38:35)
Stephen Thrower on Axe and Kidnapped Coed (9:15)
Axe Trailers:
- "Axe" (1;39)
- "Lisa, Lisa" (1:39)
- "Virgin Slaughter" (1:38)
- "Axe" TV Spot (0:30)
- "Axe" Radio Spots (2:40)
Kidnapped Coed Trailers:
- "Kidnap Lover" (0:59)
- "Kidnapped Coed" TV spots (0:43)

Soundtracks for Axe (11 tracks), Kidnapped Coed (8 tracks), and bonus tracks (7 tracks)

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