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Angelo Baroncini & Bruno Battisti D'Amario
Angelo Baroncini & Bruno Battisti D'Amario ‎– Music For Movement (1969)
Format: LP
Label: Sonor Music Editions

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2017 reissue

Sonor Music Editions is thrilled to release another terrific jam and a very obscure Italian Library record originally released in 1969 on RRC label (Droga, Traffico, Viaggio Attraverso I Problemi Dell'Uomo series etc.). Music is signed by the great guitar players and composers Angelo Baroncini and Bruno Battisti D'Amario, unmissable guitar man of Maestro Ennio Morricone. CRAZY early Fuzz beats with fast Western swings, Experimental Rock distractions, musical rhythmic movements with totally insane acid guitar & sitar riffs and a huge Underground Psychedelic mood. A truly inspired and deep session recorded for some impossible TV synchronisation purpose. Holy grail alert and original sleazy STEREO recording restored sound.

Limited edition of 500 copies.


1. Stressing Heart
2. Relax In My Hole
3. Soul's Fire
4. Red Pathostromo
5. Steel Lung
6. Moon Ice
7. Green Tipe
8. Black Feeling
9. Eco's Drops
10. Hands Up
11. White Dance